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About me

My name is Lorenzo Sciandra (he/him), and I am a Senior Software Engineer currently working for a small startup - you probably never heard of it - called Microsoft . I’ve been hammering hands on keyboards for almost 8 years now, and been living in London 🇬🇧 for over 5 years.

When I’m not busy trying to address company-wide, multi-layered problems, I very much enjoy speaking at conference and meetups, writing blogposts and in general doing what I can to help and elevate those around me - reason why I’m also a big supporter of mental health and I’ve been sharing my experience with burnout and going to therapy over the last few years (you can find some of that in both the posts and talks sections).

If you want to learn more about me, please check out my LinkedIn profile .

You can also reach out to me via email , or via Twitter DMs .

My involvement in OSS #

I’ve been quite involved in Open Source over the last few years:

  • I am one of the maintainers of react-native (since Jan 2018)
    • I’m also the author of the main (almost 100k downloads 😱) VSCode Extension Pack for react-native - uninspiringly called “React Native - Full Pack”
  • I founded and organised a meetup for maintainers, called “Provided As Is”, in London 🇬🇧 - think of it as kind of a support group for those of us doing OSS.
    • it’s current on hiatus because of the pandemic, but if it’s something you’d like to attend or help with, please let me know!
  • I was in the 2022 OpenUK Honours List “celebrating the future generations of Open Technology in the UK” - yeah, I can’t believe it either 🤯

Unusual things about me #

Where does the name kelset come from? #

A typo 🤦‍♂️