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In this episode of ‘debug:mind’ I delve into mental health in the tech community with Matt Hargett (aka ‘syke’, ex-Sony, ex-Roblox, currently founder @ Rebecker Specialties). We explore the evolution of mental health awareness, the thin line between passion and burnout, and the impact of remote work on our well-being. Matt shares his journey with PTSD, underscoring the importance of recognizing signs and seeking help. Our conversation highlights the crucial role of support systems, the power of open discussions, and the need for personal growth in navigating mental health challenges in tech.

In this second episode of ‘debug:mind’, I sit down with Jamie Birch - software engineer based in Japan and TSC Chair of NativeScript - who has bravely navigated the challenges of chronic pain and its impacts on mental health. Join us as we delve into Jamie’s personal experiences, discuss strategies for managing mental health in the tech industry, and explore how acceptance plays a crucial role in dealing with chronic pain.


Lorenzo (aka “kelset”, Senior Software Engineer in Microsoft and React Native maintainer) and Nathan (aka “wwwalkerrun”, Principal Software Engineer at nstudio and maintainer of Nativescript) discuss their experience in dealing with their mental health, starting from the fear of vulnerability and shame associated with it, and then talking about taking ownership of your mental health and strategies for improving it.

Lorenzo (aka “kelset”, Senior Software Engineer in Microsoft) and Roberto (aka “empijei”, ex-Google engineer specialised in webspecs and infosec) discuss mental health in the tech industry and the importance of open source software for World Mental Health Day 2023. They answer questions from followers about burnout, imposter syndrome, work-life balance, and how to support their own mental wellbeing as software engineers… and humans.